Tips to Organise a Green Wedding

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Are you planning out a wedding? Weddings are supposed to be grant events symbolizing the unison of two souls. As such, couples around the world keep looking for innovative ideas & ways to enhance the overall wedding event. An extravagant wedding calls for lavish decoration with expensive décor and impressive food for the guests. Though it might turn out to be an expensive affair on your end, it is equally important to consider the cost the environment has to pay for the wedding.

Increasing amounts of garbage is a major concern our environment is facing. As such, wedding events only add up to the overall waste generation and environmental degradation. If you are concerned about the environment, then you can go for organizing a green, eco-friendly wedding event. Here are some points to consider:

  • Invitations: One of the first steps towards going green on your wedding is to do away with the large quantities of printed wedding invitations. These take up whopping amounts of paper & resources that might put the planet under pressure. You can, therefore, consider giving out e-wedding invitations to save paper & useful resources. Make use of the Internet & its applications to send away e-cards to the guests.


  • Décor: A lot goes into wedding décor planning. If you wish to keep eco-friendly, yet elegant, there are several environment-friendly options that you can consider. Wedding decorations can be completed with the use of flowers, petals, and bamboo baskets; you can aim for a lavish wedding setting using minimal resources. This way, you can be assured of creating the least amount of waste in your wedding event.


  • Food Catering: Unsurprisingly, the food area is famous for creating the most amount of waste in a typical wedding scenario. To reduce the overall waste, try serving your guests in reusable ceramic cutlery or decomposable catering items including printed paper cups, eco cups, plates, glasses, and so more. Doing away with packaged water or bottled water can also help in reducing a large amount of waste.


Try replacing the plastic or paper covers on the serving tables with the clothing ones. To top it all, you can even do away with the covering and have the table plain with simple decorative items including a candle stand or flowers adorning its overall appearance.


  • Gifts: Gifts are the indispensable items in a wedding. Try communicating with your guests and insist upon accepting only eco-friendly gifts from them. Ask them to do away with attractive plastic gift wrappings and consider wrapping up the gifts in paper packaging. They can also make use of bamboo baskets or reused newspapers to give the gifts in the most special manner. Depending on the overall theme of your wedding, you can decide over the most appropriate earth-friendly gift for the occasion.

Make the most of the wedding by going for a green wedding theme. Encourage your guests to respect the planet and reduce individual waste significantly.