The Drawbacks of Plastic Guttering

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It is fair to say we are yet to see the worst of winter this season with more bad weather on its way in early 2017. As the saying goes, most people ‘batter down the hatches’ in preparation for the cold spell. Tidying up the garden, putting outdoor furniture away, cleaning out the gutters and sweeping up all the leaves. It is at this time of year that you’ll typically be up close to the plastic guttering on your home. Granted you can see them every day but never really looked at the close up. They probably once looked pristine white but they’ve now faded to a dully off white almost brown colour. Several years of leaves, moss and rain water from the roof have taken their toll on the guttering system and the clumps of leaves are trapped in the down pipe causing a blockage, effectively rendering the gutters as useless.

Plastic Guttering When Your House Was First Built

Plastic guttering were the gutters of choice back when the house was built and are typically installed by builders and not so much designers. Standard PVC/PVCU guttering was the chosen guttering system due to being the cheapest and essentially still did the job.

From the research and through time, it can be concluded that PVC gutters are not a sound choice when it comes to considering the lifespan. When the house was first built, it is likely that the ongoing maintenance and cleaning weren’t a consideration, or even how long they would last as ultimately, when the house was sold, the maintenance including the gutters wouldn’t be their problem.

A few years later, the plastic gutters will have probably started to leak at joints or ends. Blockages likely to form at critical parts and usually significant discolouration on this visible side of the gutters.

Discolouration granted isn’t a major problem, unless appearance and design is something that concerns you, however, that being said, once it is pointed out it ends up being something you notice day in day out. You will be wanting to get those gutters replaced with something better, that doesn’t fade and bring regular maintenance along with it.

Modern gutters are usually made with heavy duty materials to ensure that the gutters have a longer lifespan than plastic and are often more efficient too. Materials commonly used nowadays tend to be aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel, zinc and copper. These materials have been developed to ensure that the appearance looks the same even after several years and often decades. These materials will not bring the general appearance of your house down, over time, they will adept with the environment and become part of the house.